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Our Bid Skills open courses are delivered as part of our Bid Perfect Academy dedicated training division. Places are available to anyone who needs to understand how to write consistently winning bids. 

Whether you are a freelancer wanting to improve your skills, a smaller company requiring training for up to four individuals, or a large corporate entity with an ad hoc requirement, this is the ideal option for you.

Each course is limited in numbers to increase interactions, and knowledge retention, with the trainer. Participants will leave the training event feeling empowered to write compelling and convincing bids.



NEW FOR 2022!

We are delighted to announce a new date for online open training in 2022.

Writing Winning Bids - Thursday 29th September - 9:00am until 5:00pm

Places on this Zoom-delivered course are limited to 12, to ensure that delegates have the opportunity to ask detailed questions and receive direct one-to-one responses.

The course places are offered on a 'first come, first served' basis, and the fee is just £198 (incl. VAT). The fee is payable in advance to ensure your place is secured.

If you would like some more information about this course or would like to ask a specific question, please use the GET IN TOUCH button at the top of the page and send us your details and your question. We will get right back to you.

For those of you who decide to take advantage of this opportunity, we look forward to seeing you in Spetember!

The Bid Perfect Training Team




An investment in our training courses represents outstanding value for money.

​​The Bid Perfect training team are all working bid writers, with a background in sales and senior bid management. Our trainers also 'wrote the course', which means they are intimately acquainted with the content and understand exactly what the key messages mean and how to convey them to the learners.

Our experience delivering bid training reaches back over a decade and a half, so we have built up a significant knowledge bank of experience and have a detailed understanding of what works and what doesn't. The key is simplicity. The more complex training is, the harder it becomes to implement in the 'real world'. We keep things simple - which means you learn more quickly and the 'rules' are easier to absorb.



Our Bid Academy winning bid courses have been meticulously developed over a decade to meet every bid training requirement.
​Our courses will help you to write consistently winning answers, give you more confidence when strategising a bid, and ultimately increase your bid win rates. This means you will win more clients, increase your revenues and profit, and be better equipped to successfully defend existing contracts. No matter what your market sector is, or the size of your company, we will have a training option for you. We provide learning programmes in the UK and globally.



A range of courses and extension workshop options that address the needs of large companies that need to increase the bid writing skills of many individuals involved in bid projects.



Want to learn at your own pace? eLearning could be the option


The Open Bid Skills course provides the right platform for bid professionals and bid contributors to know what makes a winning bid.

The course is easy to understand and includes techniques which can be simply and quickly adopted. The content is a blend of commonly acknowledged best practices, which are used by professional bid teams around the world, and unique tools which have been developed by Bid Perfect.

Through a range of media, exercises and professional bid trainers, delegates will understand why certain bids win and others fail, providing them with the skills and knowledge to write winning bids.

The principal modules and content elements of the workshop are as follows:

(please note that we occasionally vary the content depending upon time constraints).


1. The Golden Rules and ‘Five-Dimensional Bidding’

A series of memorable Golden Rules, each of which flows from the course content, and a snapshot of the entire bid process. Together, they provide the rationale for the course and encapsulate each of the modules.

2. The purpose of a bid and why people buy (and don’t buy)

Why does the client go to the market and what are the rational and emotional reasons that influence decision-making? We also present the Non-Buying Motives and confirm why these drivers for failure must be eliminated from the bid.

3. Win Themes

What are they and how do we establish and use them?

4. The Power of Empathy

Gaining trust and generating a feeling of comfort – it’s not all about YOU!

5. Making your research count

Conducting research to make your bid resonate and demonstrate that you are more intelligent than the competition.

6. Your Solution and its Selling Points

Aspects of your business and its services that will help your bid stand out and begin to positively discriminate you.

7. Benefits, Measurement and Value

The positive outcomes for the client.

8. Evidence – making what you say more believable 

Types of evidence and their strengths and weaknesses.

9. Answer Analytics

An exercise which brings all the key messages together through the delegates’ review and evaluation of a series of tender answers.

10. Question Analytics

To write a winning answer, you must understand the importance of the question and what you are actually being asked. We look at the process for this.

11. ‘The Architecture of a Winning Answer’

A natural progression from the previous module: understanding the question and breaking it down, so we are in the best position to build a winning answer.

12. Lean Writing and Proofreading

Techniques for a direct and concise approach to getting your messages across, and some of the pitfalls of ‘heavy phrasing’. The importance of error-free bids.

13.Summary and close



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