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If you were to ask ten people involved in bid reviews what makes a good review, you are probably going to get ten different answers. This is especially true if you maintain a complex approach to reviewing, where there is little overarching linking between specific review responsibilities.

Characteristic problems with reviews are reviewers with little understanding of the RfP, poorly defined review scope and a lack of understanding of what to look for.



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A valuable and exemplary bid review is a process that provides an objective reality check from a fresh, unbiased, customer-based viewpoint. Planned and executed correctly, an excellent review can turn an average bid (i.e. a losing bid) into a likely winner (or, at the very least, strong contender).

The key elements are:

  • That the question has been answered in its entirety, with all instructions followed.
  • That clear empathy has been demonstrated with the customer’s objectives and challenges.
  • That the writing is lean, focused and free of hyperbole.
  • That features are not masquerading as benefits.
  • That benefits are measurable, quantified and connected to compelling evidence.
  • That value has been unequivocally established.

The reviewer(s) will then award points to the answers given based on a scoring system agreed at the commencement of the review process. If maximum points have not been scored, then the reviewer(s) should be skilled enough to show where the deficiencies are and how to correct them to improve the overall score.

Bid Perfect offers a comprehensive professional bid review service carried out by experts. We also provide bid editing and proofreading services. If you would like to know more, please contact us for a no obligation conversation. We will be delighted to hear from you.

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Purple Team: Assesses the probability of winning and alignment with organisational goals

Blue Team #1: Reviews initial capture strategy and capture plan

Black Hat Team: Predicts competitors’ solutions

Blue Team #2: Reviews updated capture plan and solution set

Pink Team: Reviews storyboards and mock-ups to confirm solution set and to validate proposal strategy

Green Team: Reviews cost/price solution

Red Team: Reviews final proposal draft—including price—to predict how the customer will score the proposal

Gold Team: Approves final proposal and price

White Team: Compiles lessons learned from capture planning through proposal development to contract award

With a complex bid review process such as the one detailed above, if there is little overarching linking between specific review responsibilities, this can create problems. Bid Perfect can help you to ensure your reviews are carried out effectively and with the right outcomes.






Misspelling. Is this spelt correctly? We have slipped a few spelling mistakes into the text below. Let us know how many you spot.

No one can properly proofread or edit their own work. An objective pair of eyes on mission critcial bids is essential. We will proofread and/or edit your bid document for you and find every mistake.

We will ensure that your bid is error free and compliant with best practise. Bid Perfect employs proffessional and acredited proofreaders who are experts in their field and will improve your documents so that your bid truly reflects your expertise, your attention to detail and confirms that you are an organisation of qaulity. 

If you want to know more – just ask. When you contact us, we won’t try to sell you anything. We’ll even come and have a chat with you, face to face, for nothing. Zero cost. Did you find the mistakes (there are five)? Well done!

Bid Perfect offers editing, editors, proofreading and proofreaders for all types of documents. We have proofread flyers, catalogues, website copy, bids and tenders, letters, speeches, brochures, marketing material and presentations. We offer reduced rates for students wanting their dissertations read before submission.



  • Proofreading & copy-editing

  • Manuscript editing

  • Writing (websites, business copy, ghostwriting, etc.)

  • Proofreading for students (research papers, dissertations, PhD theses, etc.)

  • Business communications, brochures, publications, etc.

  • Website editing

  • Bids and tenders

  • Marketing materials


Find out more about our Bid Support services

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