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Ten Reasons Why Bids Fail Vol. 1 | Bid Perfect
Ten Reasons Why Bids Fail Vol. 1 | Bid Perfect

“What is the main reason a bid fails to win?”

This is the question we are asked more than any other and it is one for which, on the face of it, there is a simple answer. Our response is that a bid fails to win because it does not convince the reader. Always assuming you have selected an appropriate bid in the first place and priced it competitively, you must then persuade your prospective client that you are a capable organisation with the depth of resource, the expertise, the empathy and the solution to meet with their objectives. Then you must be able to prove it.

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Ten Reasons Why Bids Fail Vol. 2 | Bid Perfect
Ten Reasons Why Bids Fail Vol. 2 | Bid Perfect

Welcome to the second instalment of Ten Reasons Why Bids Fail where we'll outline common reasons suppliers fail to win bids and provide you with some simple tips to increase your chances of winning.

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Mind The Gap Event Summary | Bid Perfect - Bid Consultancy

Mind the Gap: Exploring the Main Challenges that Bid Managers Face

Janna Larma's summary of the recent Mind the Gap event attended by Bid Perfect originally appeared on

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