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Using Graphics & Imagery In Bids | Bid Perfect
Using Graphics & Imagery In Bids | Bid Perfect

1. Plan in advance

Like everything relating to producing a great bid, thinking in advance helps. What types and examples of images do you feel will strengthen your case? What is missing from your bid library and how can you make sure it will be available before the deadline? Planning helps to prevent those last minute photos snapped with a mobile phone which are better left for holidays or parties.

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Random Capitalisation Syndrome | Bid Perfect
Random Capitalisation Syndrome | Bid Perfect

Here at Bid Perfect we read many bids (and other examples of business writing) each day. There are recurring issues that appear in most of the texts we read. All the usual suspects crop up regularly, such as non-sequiturs, tautologies and oxymorons but the oddest of them is probably the Random Capitalisation of words, for no apparent reason.

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A New Angle On Bid Recruitment | Bid Perfect
A New Angle On Bid Recruitment | Bid Perfect

As a niche provider in the recruitment sector, we know that the skills shortage that we have experienced in the past year is increasing. The demand to hire permanent bid writers, bid managers and other bid professionals is becoming even stronger.

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