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Free Bid and Tender Downloads

We have put together some useful documents to help you and your organisation to improve your approach to bidding. The two below are available to download for free through the links shown. If you need more help, please visit our shop for additional in-depth documents designed to help you win more bids.

Sample Agenda For a Bid Kick-off Meeting

Feel free to download this PDF that gives you a very good basis for a Bid Kick-off meeting. It discusses the people you need and the subjects you need to cover.

Icon Bid Kick-Off Meeting (161.6 KB)

Writing A Winning Executive Summary

An executive summary is, in essence, a sales pitch. It is a succinct summary of why the customer should choose you and your services. You can more or less ignore the word ‘executive’ as this really has little meaning (it is a throwback to a time when a busy ‘executive’ would only be given the summary to read) and focus in on the word ‘summary’.

Icon Download the Executive Summary PDF (430.7 KB)

Ten Golden Rules Of Successful Funds Bidding

We have seen a range of winning themes emerge and we have captured these rules for you here. These are our Ten Golden Rules for Bidding for Funds. If you apply these rules you will become ‘bid ready’ and optimised for success.

Icon Download the ten golden rules (680.3 KB)

What Aristotle can tell us about winning bids

This free download talks about Aristotle’s Modes of Persuasion and how the principles can help us to write winning bids time after time.

Icon Download the PDF (361.4 KB)

Providing Evidence and Proof in a Bid

We will summarise what can be offered as evidence in bids and then we will explore each in a bit more detail. We will then look at the main classifications of evidence and the general rules you should apply.

Icon Download the PDF (485.9 KB)

Bid Debrief Form

A simple point and click template you can send to your clients to ask for feedback after a failed bid submission.

Icon Download Excel Spreadsheet (60.0 KB)


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