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Two Day Bespoke Bid Skills Courses for Bid Teams

If you have a full bid team, and/or a group of individuals who significantly contribute to bids, that you would like trained, it will probably make sense to have a bid skills course tailored to your specific objectives. We regularly write and produce bespoke course content that blends elements from our generic open courses with material that is specific to your company. If required, we will deliver a course at your own location and spend time with you beforehand to ensure we are synchronising objectively and culturally with your organisation.

One of the clear benefits of this approach is that a bid team learns together and everybody speaks the same 'language'. When a team works in harmony they reach new heights. Running a bespoke bid skills course also makes financial sense as it is more economically efficient and delegates will retain more of what they learn.

A decision to run a course of this nature needs consideration and you may have quite a few questions; for example, do you want the course to focus on writing, management or the two combined? We will visit you and talk you through the entire process. There will be no charge for this and no selling to you. As a result of taking a Bid Perfect training course, your entire bid team will win more bids and tenders.

One Day Bespoke Proficiency Course for Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

For people who are not bid specialists, but are regularly asked to provide content, writing compelling narrative can be a daunting task. We help by training them in the art and science of bid writing and tailor the focus of the course according to your specific objectives. This can be achieved in a single day; taking key elements from our two day open course and blending them with material that is specific to your company. Courses can be run at your location, saving money on venue costs. We will work with you beforehand to ensure we are synchronising objectively and culturally with your organisation. 

One of the clear benefits of this approach is that individuals who work sporadically with bids teams will still speak the same ‘language’, understand what is required of their first draft input and as a result of review recommendations. Running a bespoke course also makes financial sense as it is more economically efficient and delegates tend to retain more of what they learn.

A decision to run a course of this nature needs consideration and you may have quite a few questions. We will meet with you to discuss the whole process. This costs nothing and it is not sales propaganda. As a result of taking a Bid Perfect training course, your subject matter experts will be much better prepared to support your organisation in winning more bids and tenders.

Bespoke Effective Business Writing Courses

Writing well is critical to the success of any business or organisation. The skills required to create compelling writing can be learned, practised and improved. 

Writing forms the basis of all your customer facing communications and much of your internal interaction. 

Consider receiving an email from either a colleague or a customer which is poorly constructed and formatted, contains spelling errors and lacks a clear message - what judgement will you make about the person who sent that email to you? Now consider the negative impact on your company that poor writing has.

Our Business Writing Course:

We will show you how to write clearly, concisely and deliver powerful messages that are memorable. This course covers:

  • Writing for bids and tenders
  • Sales letters and proposals
  • Report writing
  • Creating powerful web copy
  • Writing effective internal communications
  • Marketing and advertising copy

If you write well you will achieve more.

Bid Perfect's One Day Business Writing Course is specifically designed to empower you to communicate more effectively through the written word.

What is the capture process?

Capture Planning is the process which links business development to the actual writing of a finished bid or tender. Typically, the Capture process starts when an opportunity is identified and informs the actions that take place prior to the ITT arriving with you. The vertical sales cycle will typically look like this:

Opportunity Identification
Business Development
Capture Phase
Win Plan Development
Final Bid No Bid
Proposal Writing
Shortlist Presentation

The capture process can be divided broadly into two clear areas of focus: the internal and the external.
It varies from organisation to organisation but will always cover:
  • An analytic evaluation of the client and their market
  • An examination of your competitive landscape associated with the opportunity
  • A discussion surrounding the likely scope of the contract and the internal resources required to bid for it and service it
  • An initial commercial evaluation from a pricing and contract specific P&L perspective
  • The likely contract issues
  • The probable Win Themes that will lift your bid into a winning position
  • A trial bid Go/No Go decision
  • Project meetings and the initial bid kick-off meeting

The process may well stretch over several months as the project ebbs and flows and its complexity and resource consumption will be directly linked to the complexity and size of the contract being evaluated. 

The objective of the capture process is to achieve an understanding of how you will construct your written bid submission to a standard that will create a benchmark that your competitors are unlikely to reach. This understanding should then be written up into a capture plan.

The key elements of Bid Perfect training in Capture Planning are:
  • How to analyse the client
  • Researching and what you are trying to establish
  • How to assess your relationship and understanding of the client
  • How to analyse the competitive landscape
  • How to ghost your competition
  • Creating the capture team
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Putting the correct resources in place
  • Running the capture process
  • Development of the possible solution
  • Development of the commercial arguments
  • Writing the capture plan
  • Trialing the Go/No Go decision
  • Planning for the kick off meeting

Using the core elements listed above, our Capture Planning course is tailored specifically for each client’s environment. 

Course overview

Two days that will change the way you think and give you the secret to successful bidding.


Delegates are taken on a journey of discovery to understand why certain bids win and others fail. Using a range of media including video, audio and PowerPoint and utilising a highly interactive presentation style, the Bid Perfect Trainer will establish the current mindset of the delegates and then re-shape it to form an intrinsic understanding of how to achieve consistently successful bids.

How do we do this?

This will be achieved by introducing the participants to a series of powerful and challenging exercises as well as providing them with tools they can take away and use in the day to day management and production of winning bids.

The principal modules are as follows:

The Winning Bid Formula©

We designed this tool to capture all the elements of a winning bid in one elegant, all-encompassing formula. By explaining to the delegates how the Winning Bid Formula works, we are able to convey the components of success quickly and memorably.

The Bid/No Bid Process

Here we take a look at why this is a critical element of any approach to bidding and why careful selection of bids will drive higher win rates and increased revenues.

The Emotional and Rational Common Buying Motives, plus the Non-buying Motives

Why do business people make the decisions that they do? How can a bid manager ensure they are linking their bid to the emotional needs of the evaluator and also addressing the needs and objectives of the client by giving them logical reasons to buy? We look at the role of cognitive fluency in bidding and the Common Buying Motives (emotional and rational) to establish synchronicity in thinking. Alongside this, we present the Non-Buying Motives; an examination of why bids fail and how these drivers for failure must be eliminated from the bid.

The Bid Value Matrix©

This is the centrepiece of our course and the entire Bid Perfect approach to successful bidding. Throughout the first day of the course, delegates will build their Bid Value Matrix in such a way that they will understand how to assemble a compelling argument in their favour.

The Golden Rules

We present a series of Golden Rules, each of which flows naturally from the course content. These rules neatly encapsulate each module and ensure the rationale of the course is remembered. 

4-Point Risk Management Planning

This is a key document which enables Bid Managers to capture the risks in delivery of the service and then work through how they will be mitigated to the satisfaction of the evaluator.

Full list of Day One subject matter:
  1. Credentials Introduction
  2. Workshop Objectives
  3. The Golden Rules
  4. Roles and Responsibilities in Bidding
  5. Did You Know? (video)
  6. The Bid Perfect Bid Management Process
  7. The Purpose of a Bid
  8. What Increases or Decreases Your Chances of Winning?
  9. Winning Bid Formula
  10. Bid/No Bid Planning
  11. The WHY Question
  12. Emotional Common Buying Motives
  13. Rational Common Buying Motives
  14. Non-Buying Motives
  15. Empathising (supported by video)
  16. Bid Timeline
  17. Needs Aims and Objectives
  18. Research
  19. The Bid Value Matrix 
  20. Selling Points, USPS and Competitive Advantages
  21. Outcomes and Value
  22. Presenting Evidence
  23. Answer Analytics
  24. Balancing Risk in a Bid



We focus more on the actual writing of the bid and how it should be managed and presented. Whereas the first day discusses a philosophy for bidding and what the mindset should be, day two sets out the rules for writing and creating effective content.

As we only have delegates for two days, the main thrust of the training is to lay the groundwork and present the techniques. This relies on delegates ‘buying in’ and agreeing to apply the principles we define for them.

The main elements of the second day are listed below. They are expansive subjects and cover many sub-topics, also listed.

The 5 Cs

This is the final element of the Winning Bid Formula and builds the foundation for the first half of the day which is largely concerned with writing a winning answer. The 5 Cs are:

1. Complete
2. Clarity
3. Concise
4. Compliant
5. Compelling

The Architecture of an Answer

Where the delegates are challenged to rewrite the answer they delivered at the beginning of the course but now incorporating the methodology we have established through the Winning Bid Formula. The results of this element of the course are always a radical departure to the way in which the question was first tackled.

Win Strategy and Win Theme Planning

We break the Win Strategy down into its three component phases and examine each area in detail. We will also look at how a bid should be approached by the primary bid team and the Subject Matter Expert contributors and how the roles and responsibilities are established. Forming Win Themes is an area also investigated in detail.

Team Exercise

This module takes a large part of the afternoon where the delegates are divided into teams and all given the same challenge. They are provided with a bid brief and asked to construct a Value Matrix based on everything they have learned to date.  This is always seen as a valuable exercise as it brings the formal classroom part of the course to a close and allows the delegates to put what they have learned into practice.

Full list of Day Two subject matter:
  1. Day One Recap
  2. The Five Cs
  3. The Dos and Don’ts
  4. Lean Writing
  5. Proofreading
  6. Question Analytics
  7. Architecture of an Answer
  8. Use of Graphics
  9. Win Strategies
  10. Bid Project Meetings
  11. Roles & Responsibilities
  12. The Value of Research
  13. Win Themes
  14. Bid Project Plans
  15. The Executive Summary
  16. Collaborative Bid Writing
  17. Red Reviews
  18. Team Challenge
  19. Summary
  20. Close

If you would like an initial conversation please call us on 0845 6000 281 or alternatively click here to send an enquiry and we'll get back to you.

2020 Future training dates and venues 

Please use the contact page to make an enquiry about our training courses. We offer discount packages for more than one delegate from a company.

A brief note on Bid Perfect's training course fees:

An investment in our training courses represents outstanding value for money. We know that if you look hard enough you will find someone offering bid 'training' for £49 - which means you get to sit for a couple of hours in a roomful of 50 other people, all struggling to take notes by leaning on the arms of their chairs. Our training fees include a hard-backed workbook, all course materials, plus lunch and refreshments. The workshops take place in professional conference venues, where you will have plenty of workspace, and they are delivered by two experienced and engaging trainers. There is a limit of 12 delegates per course, which ensures maximum attention, interaction and therefore understanding and retention of knowledge.

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