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A Bid Manager is responsible for the smooth management of the entire bid process

A Bid Manager is sometimes also referred to as a Bid Coordinator – the job title used is usually in line with the nomenclature used within an organisation (some companies like to avoid the word ‘manager’) – and doesn’t affect the actual job description.

Essentially, the role is that of a Project Manager but is specific to the bid process, so don’t think that you can co-opt a Project Manager who is at a loose end! The initial evaluation of an opportunity to compete for a contract through the production of a bid. The Bid Manager must co-ordinate all parties involved in the bid process to ensure everyone is aware of the level of contribution expected of them and knows when their deadlines are. They will ensure all timelines are met and that the bid submitted is as complete and accurate as possible, whilst also best reflecting your company’s services and abilities.

The Bid Manager is responsible for the quality of all aspects of the bid, including written documentation and presentations. They ensure all bid documentation is clear, concise and - crucially - compelling. They source and co-ordinate design input to ensure the visual standard of all documentation and presentation material is first class and eye-catching. 

The person

The ideal Bid Manager should be highly motivated, innovative, customer focused and have a ‘can do’ attitude.  They should be an experienced manager, able to motivate and inspire others; able to obtain a high level of work from the team to ensure all deadlines are met efficiently and that the bid is of the highest quality possible.  Sometimes the bid team can be comprised of a variety of different personnel, including those seconded from other departments or areas of the business and it is vital that the Bid Manager is able to supply interim line management to these contributors.

Excellent communications skills are a must, both verbal and written – the importance of being able to converse and liaise with all bid contributors is key and being able to ‘speak their language’ is vital to get the most from everyone, ensuring the bid is as good as it possibly can be.

Any bid should be thorough and accurate so it makes sense that your Bid Manager should be a highly capable individual, with a keen eye for detail, consistency and accuracy. 

Summary of skills
  • Experience of working in a bid team previously (the degree of experience you require will be reflected in the salary and the ideal candidate will expect and will impact the ‘level’ of candidate you attract)
  • Excellent communicator
  • Effective and experienced manager
  • A high attention to detail
  • Highly motivated
  • Deadline driven
  • Thrive in a busy environment
  • Able to motivate a team
  • Experience in your business sector
  • Proven bid team involvement
  • Can demonstrate effective bid writing skills (even if they will not be writing the actual bid documentation)

Sometimes referred to as a Proposal Writer, Document Writer, Proposal Editor, Proposal Author or Bid Author

The job title used can vary according to industry but the role and responsibilities will be similar and all the titles will indicate writing as the main objective of the role.

A Bid Writer will usually work under the supervision of a Bid Manager or Bid Coordinator and will assist them in developing a proposal structure.  The role also requires reviewing and editing previously written content where necessary, working with other bid team members to produce written bid responses and presentation collateral in line with deadlines.

The role won’t only involve writing content for use in the bid, but also presentations and all supporting documentation, ensuring a cohesive and consistent approach.

The person

The ideal candidate for this job should be able to write effective, concise and compelling content while under the pressure sometimes associated with deadlines.  The ability to work as a team and to get accurate, high quality information from all bid stakeholders in order to produce bid collateral is essential.

Usually a Bid Writer will have a background or experience in a journalistic environment, be it a past role or a qualification (degree or equivalent). Experience of journalism helps a Bid Writer to construct a bid which pulls together factual information gleaned from a variety of sources in a format which is both interesting and comprehensive.

Not only should a Bid Writer have excellent writing skills, but they should be able to work with other bid team members to help give them the necessary skills and confidence to write and produce materials themselves.

Summary of skills
  • Excellent communicator
  • A high attention to detail with an excellent editing and proofing ability
  • Excellent literacy skills, with an extensive vocabulary
  • Possibly a journalism background
  • Deadline driven with effective time management skills
  • Thrive in a busy environment
  • Ability to multitask and prioritise workload
  • Experience in the required business sector
  • Proven bid team involvement
  • Can demonstrate effective bid writing skills 

The role will take many different titles, depending on the organisation, but the main responsibilities will be very similar

It will be the responsibility of Bid Graphics to work with the rest of the bid team to create engaging and eye-catching imagery and visuals which will make the bid stand out.

The person

The ideal person for a role like this will be a highly accomplished Graphic Designer, used to taking briefs and working to deadlines, producing high quality and precise imagery and collateral. The ability to use your own initiative is a must to be able to embellish a brief to achieve the highest standard of work that not only meets the guidelines set out but also maximises the impact of the message being conveyed in the bid.

It would be essential to have experience of working within brand guidelines to produce high quality, consistent materials which form a cohesive set of collateral.

Many organisations would look for this role to be occupied by an individual educated to degree standard in a discipline like graphic design or similar, but in many cases a requirement like this can be outstripped by experience and a first class portfolio of work, it will depend very much on the organisation and the level and expectations of the role.

Summary of skills
  • Confident and accomplished in the use of a variety of graphics packages (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) as well as presentation software
  • Depending on the level of the role, may be required to lead brainstorming sessions in order to get the most out of the brief and requirements
  • Deadline driven
  • Excellent attention to detail – able to produce error free work
  • Able to multitask and manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Experience of working to brand guidelines

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