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Read our posts from the "Bid Tips" category and learn how to manage bids more efficiently. Learn more.

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Give Your Bids A Winning Chance | Bid Perfect

Did you know that about 90% of all bids and tenders that are submitted fail to win?

Our mission is simple: we want to teach our clients how to submit more effective bids.

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Beat Bid Jargon Confusion | Bid Perfect - Bid Consultancy

BQS, KPIs, PQQs…the bid and tender industry is full of acronyms! Here at Bid Perfect we understand that terms relating to bids can be confusing,

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Ten tips for winning a business Proposal | Bid Perfect

A bid, tender or proposal is your formal sales pitch to win business, e.g. a response to an Invitation to Tender.

If you are responding to a request for proposal or tender invitation, the client will provide detailed information regarding the format and content of your bid.

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