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Corporate Bid Training Programmes

Bid Perfect has designed an adaptable and comprehensive learning syllabus for bid personnel at all levels. Through a combination of formal courses, short extension workshops and e-learning, we train bid people to recognise winning strategies for bids and to be sustainably successful.


Certified Bid Practitioner


Certified Bid Expert


Certified Bid Master

What will BidAcademyTM deliver?

  • Improved and more sustainable win rates
  • Increased revenues and profits
  • More engaged, confident and motivated personnel
  • Higher levels of sales predictability
  • Greater level of process efficiency
  • Higher return on investment from the cost of bidding

Return on Bid Training Investment

  • You bid for £
  • You bid for £ of margin
  • It costs you £ each year
  • You currently win £ of margin
  • You currently win £ of revenue

On average Bid Perfect training and certification can increase your win rate by 30%

  • You revenues rise to £
  • You increase your margin to £

Courses & Certification Mapping

Primary Academy Courses
Bid Skills Foundation (2 days)
Advanced Bid Skills (1 day)
Foundation & Advanced Bid Skills (3 days) Optional instead of above courses
Subject Matter Expert course (1 day)
Bid Reviewer's course
Academy Extension Workshops
Digital Bid Creation (Half-day) Minimum of 2 Extension Workshops Minimum of 5 Extension Workshops
SME Relationship Management (Half-day)
Defensive (Retention) Bid Strategies (1 day)
Bid Software and Innovation (Half-day)
Pre-Bid Activity (Half-day)
Advanced Bid Value Matrices (BVM) (Half-day)
Experience Accreditation
Bid Writer or Bid Manager/Director role
Letter of reference (Colleague or Line Manager)
Face to face competency interviews with Bid Academy trainers
Bid reviewed by Bid Perfect
Evidenced Wins
Winning bids written or managed 2+ 4+ 7+

Other core features of the Bid Academy

Full empathy based consultation to ensure the training programme is specifically targeted to maximise your bid win rates.

Continuous programme development to constantly improve the content we provide to you.

Your own space at the Bid Perfect website for your colleagues to download support files and associated collaterals.

Key Performance Indicators and reporting packs, developed to provide you with critical information on the training programme for your company.

Preferential rates for all other Bid Perfect services, such as recruitment, consulting, critical bid management, reviews and interim support.

Exclusive and priority access to Bid Perfect events.


Does my company need to be a certain size to use the Bid Academy?

No - The Bid Academy service is flexible and adaptable. We will create training programmes for absolutely any size of company or organisation and to meet any budget.

Can the Bid Academy be branded in my own company's identity and livery?

Yes, although there may be a formatting fee. There are also IP and licensing considerations which we will discuss with you if you want your own corporate branding applied.

Do I need a minimum amount of employees involved in bids and tenders?

No - however, you may be surprised by just how many of your colleagues are regularly involved in the bids and tenders you produce. The stakeholder group, apart from specific bid and sales personnel, may include legal, financial, marketing, HR, logistics and many other functions.

A caveat to this answer is that if you have a team of less than five regularly working on bids, we may recommend your group attend a Bid Perfect open course. If you would like to discuss the differences between Academy and open courses, please get in touch.

Can the Bid Academy be delivered internationally?

Yes. We have delivered training programmes in the UK, throughout Europe and globally.

Will credit be given to people with existing role experience?

Yes. Certification from the Bid Academy is achieved through a combination of formal learning and role-based experience. However, the blend of the two elements is something we will discuss and agree with you during the initial consultation.

Is there a minimum level of spend expected from a Bid Academy client?


How long is a typical Bid Academy programme?

It depends on how many people are to be trained, where they are in the world and to what levels they are to be trained. An engagement with the Bid Academy can be as little as two days or, as is the case with some of our clients, several years.

How long have you been training in bids and tenders?

Bid Perfect had been delivering bid training programmes since 2006. Our directors, consultants and trainers have backgrounds in sales and bids which stretch back significantly further.

How much will a Bid Academy programme cost?

The answer depends on a number of factors: number of people requiring training, locations of training, levels of engagement, etc. However, the notion of cost shouldn’t be confused with ‘price’. Investment in our training will produce a return for you. The level of return will vary but, ultimately, we expect the work we do to cost you nothing in real terms because you will be winning business you would not have done previously.

How much better at winning bids will my company be?

This is a difficult question to answer without knowing where you are currently but there will be a significant improvement. The purpose of the training we provide is to show you how to increase your chances of winning by maximising the score your bid achieves.

Will the training content be generic or specific to us?

It will be a blend of generic material and example content which we will have taken from your bids. We will also work with you during the initial consulting phase to understand exactly which training modules need to be included and which can be omitted.

How much will you get to know us before recommending a training programme?

All Academy programmes commence with a period of empathy based consulting. We define this period as being empathy based because our task is to understand how the training we carry out will reflect your world and the specific challenges you face. It is true to say that we are typically faced with issues that tend to be universal for companies. This is why we expect to create specific content for you that is built upon a platform of already proven content.

Consultancy objectives:

  • Understand the work you may have already carried out to drive improvements in the bid management process
  • Gain a more comprehensive view of your commercial and competitive challenge
  •  Read into existing tender documents (especially ones that have lost) to form an opinion of current skills levels
  • Study any bid feedback you have received to understand the client’s view of your document
  • Agree with you the top-line profile of the training options prior to commencing work on the next phase of the project
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