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If you deliver your paper proposal complete with an accompanying digital version, rich in interactive media, vibrantly animated graphics and embedded film, they cannot fail to notice you.

The case for digitally converting a business critical bid is clear:

  • Your bid will be instantly memorable
  • You will immediately maximise the impact you make, right from the start
  • Your company image will be modern, innovative and ahead of the chasing pack
  • Your content will be more engaging and your business case more compelling
  • You will increase your likelihood of winning

What does a digital bid look like?



Bid Perfect and Landscape have joined together to create the first and only digital bid consultancy and production house.

Together, we'll work with you to decide how best to present your bid as an interactive digital experience. Then, we will create it for you.




Planning and Pre-Production

First we help you to decide if your bid should be digitised and if the potential return is commensurate with the investment you will make.

We can start this consultancy stage as soon as you like - in your business development phase before the ITT, or as soon as it lands with you. We will look at how critical the bid is to your business, the way in which your competitors will behave, the likely return on investment and which sections of the bid can be enhanced through the application of digital rendering.

The next stage will be to develop the storyboard based on the agreed win themes, the media to be used (films, animation, graphics etc) and the sections of the bid which are going to be delivered in a digital format.

We will engage our creative partners, Landscape, at this stage that will work with us to make sure the vision can be fully realised.

We will also decide how the digital bid is to be delivered with the written submission. It could be on a tablet in a bespoke case, or as a URL linked to a specially created web space.

We will create a project plan to run alongside the bid production and work with all your bid stakeholders to ensure we are fully integrated into your bid management process.

The creative production process

We start the create production process which could include animating key graphics, building the interactive bid navigation system, developing bespoke graphics, filming live-action content and designing innovative infographics. You will be involved every step of the way, working alongside us and seeing how we build your digital bid.

At the same time, the delivery methods will be designed and manufactured so they are ready on time to showcase the written submission and the digital counterpart.

Once the digital elements are ready, we will create the final version for your sign-off and approval and deliver the finished product to you.

How much will it cost?

It is difficult to provide a definitive answer to this question. So much depends on the scope of the project.

A digital bid presentation can be as simple as a pdf with a navigation plan and hyperlinks to get you around – or it can be a complex, high definition journey into your vision for the client. So, the cost could range from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand. We will give you options, but the choice, ultimately, is yours.

We will give you options. The starting point is identifying a major bid that you have on your radar and engaging with us as soon as possible. We can have the conversation with you (which will cost you nothing), give you the details and a cost proposal and then leave the rest to you.

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