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Since 2006, Bid Perfect has provided a portfolio of bid support services to companies of all sizes and from all vertical market sectors. We are the de facto bid department for many SME organisations and we provide training, bid personnel recruitment and writing and production support to large corporate blue-chips, in the UK, Europe and globally.

Our media division, Perfect Media, compliments these core services by delivering film, animation, graphic design and digital conversion for bids and tenders.

  • We will reduce the cost of creating multi-media bids
  • We will improve your chances of winning
  • We will reduce the stress associated with managing multiple bid support providers


Perfect Media has developed an approach to company videos that marries the imagination and expertise of feature film production to professional sales and marketing techniques. We make high-quality, imaginative live-action and animated films that can be tailored to most budgets. The cost of video production need not be prohibitive – it may be far less than you think. Our production facilities are state of the art and our team’s talent comes from years of experience in the international film and television industry.


  • Films of any length, and in any format, to support bids
  • Corporate filmed collaterals
  • Acting and voiceover talent
  • Concept creation, scripting, production and post-production facilities
  • CGI and animation

A truly memorable and beautifully produced company video will connect with its intended audience, drive your message home and give you the edge over your competitors.


  • Play on your website
  • Play on exhibition stands
  • In sales presentations
  • An embedded link in proposals and communications
  • A link in your signature sign-off
  • In advertising and marketing materials
  • Pinned to your social and professional media sites

Search engines (especially Google) love films.

If you need the web to produce opportunities and enquiries for you but your static website is not cutting it, get some video on there. It doesn’t always have to be a sales oriented film; it can be instructional films for your products or services. Google’s algorithms are skewed towards video content and your search engine optimisation plan can take advantage of that.

Whether it be your website or your bid document, large blocks of text can be intimidating, boring and hard to digest. A well made video or animation can make all the difference, you will find the client engages more readily with your message if they are stimulated by something visually arresting. 

Ultimately, investing in a company video is a win/win move. If your competitors have one, then you are keeping up. If they don’t, you are ahead of the game.


Even now, in this age of digital innovation and high speed connectivity, we are still being asked to present bids and tenders on paper and in four-ring binders.

Making your bid document stand out from the crowd is a key strategy for producing consistently winning results. Alongside our digital design and technology partners, Landscape, we are working constantly to reimagine the way bids are presented and to give our clients a 
winning edge.

If you deliver your paper proposal complete with an accompanying digital version, rich in interactive media, vibrantly animated graphics and embedded film, they cannot fail to notice you.

  • Conversion of finished bid to digital format
  • Building in the interactivity
  • Embedding media
  • Transfer to tablets and specially designed presentation binders


We can help you create an engaging bid that will resonate with the evaluator by sourcing or creating high-impact imagery which supports your text and drives your business case forward. Our design team will develop a generic template or bespoke solutions depending on the size and complexity of your proposal. This includes documents, binders and all forms of presentation including PowerPoint, CGI animation and Prezi.

Our talented designers, CGI artists, illustrators, video and motion graphics experts will deliver a total solution that will comprehensively meet your bid needs.


  • Conceptual graphic design
  • Original artwork
  • Photography
  • Bid Production – formatting
  • Bid Production – printing
  • Bid Production – artwork and manufacture
  • Bid Production - finishing

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